Patent Agency
"Intellectual Property Protection"

  • Services in the area of Intellectual Property registration, management and protection
  • Solving complex and controversial issues by the patent attorney
  • Complete set of services, from trademark registration to legal defense in Intellectual Property courts
  • Registration and patenting in Russian Federation and abroad

The procedure of the patent agency's services provision:

Preliminary advice by patent agency personnel and patent attorneys is free.
Before transmitting and exchanging information, the parties sign an NDA.
Identification of objects for patenting, preliminary analysis of patentability, patenting strategy development.
Reflection of the patenting process, tasks and stages with the results recorded in CRM.
  • Data Confidentiality
    Before entering into interaction with you, we sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) under which all information disclosed to us by you we store and process in strict confidence, using only licensed and certified software and undertake maximum effort to protect data and avoid information leakage.
  • Free initial advice of experienced attorneys
    Legal entities and individuals with no experience in patenting and patent portfolios find it difficult sometimes to distinguish objects of intellectual property with patentability and, moreover, their attribution to the invention, utility model or industrial design. In this case initial explanations are necessary and they are free.
  • International Intercourse
    The patent attorneys of our agency, according to the Patent Attroney Law, file applications from foreign citizens and companies in the territory of the Russian Federation, and extensive international relations help us register objects and protect Russian trademark and patent holders abroad: in the USA, China, Europe ...
    We manage applications and negotiations in English, French and Spanish.
  • Lawyers and patent attorneys with over 10 years of experience
    Patent attorneys and lawyers of our agency have enormous experience in the area of intellectual property right protection. If in the process of protecting intellectual property rights we are faced with the need to appeal to other institutions of law - for example, to criminal law - we engage our trusted partners - lawyers to protect your interests.
  • Liability insurance
    Patent agency liability insurance.
    Legal advice. Representation of rights and interests in state organizations (including courts and arbitration courts). Services on issues related to patenting and licensing. Services for registration, re-registration and liquidation of legal entities.
  • Development of patenting and protection strategy
    Identification of strengths and weaknesses of your patent. Development of patenting and intellectual property rights protection. Building patent portfolio of the company. Maintaining and revewing of your exclusive rights.

Patent agency services

Trademark registration
Trademark protection
Trademark examination
Trademark cancellation
International registration of trademarks
Listing trademark in customs register
Disputing the refusal to register trademark
Registration of a patent for invention
Cancellation of patents for invention
Invention examination (judicial and pre-trial)
Obtaining an international patent for inventions
Challenging ROSPATENT's refusal to obtain a patent
Protection of exclusive rights and copyright for the invention
Listing the invention in the customs register
Utility model patent registration
Utility model patent cancellation
Utility model examination (judicial and pre-trial)
Obtaining an international patent for utility model
Challenging ROSPATENT's refusal to obtain a patent
Exclusive rights and copyright protection for utility model
Listing utility model in the customs register
Registration of a patent for industrial design
Cancellation of patents for industrial design
Industrial design examination (judicial and pre-trial)
Obtaining an international patent for industrial design
Challenging ROSPATENT's refusal to obtain a patent
Protection of exclusive rights and copyright for industrial design
Listing an industrial design in the customs register
Register software with Rospatent
Register databases with Rospatent
Listing in the register of domestic software Protection of software interface
Protection in software use disputes Protection of exclusive rights and copyright for software
International registration of software
Software examination (judicial and pre-trial)
File deposit
Photography work copyright protection
Music work copyright protection
Design copyright protection (images, clothes ...)
Literary works copyright protection
Blocking copyright infringer sites
Judicial and pre-trial copyright protection
Introduction of trade secret mode
Transfer of the right to use know-how
License agreement
Alienation agreement
Franchising agreement
Non-disclosure agreement
Pledge agreement
Commissioning contract
Depending on your tasks, it is worth paying attention to the patent agency profile.
That is, if you plan to patent inventions in the field of mechanics, medicine, software, the availability of patent experts with education in relevant fields is extremely important within the patent agency. Such specialists will make understanding of essence of your invention (object of patenting) simpler and deeper and will provide competent, comprehensive explanations to FIIP experts requests, not only from the legal standpoint, but also in the field of technology.
Availability of in-house patent attorneys.
Existence of completed tasks list - a portfolio of registered trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs.
The patent agency court practice in the field of intellectual property protection.
As a rule, understanding the essence of the registered object, invention, utility model, industrial design and trademark allows to develop a strategy of patenting and further intellectual property rights protection.
Pay attention to the pricing policy of the company:

  • Too cheap options are most likely to be offered by companies that do not take responsibility for the registration process, do not communicate with ROSPATENT or charge experts' responses in a separate price list, and submit your application "as is", that is, without an expert search.
  • Too expensive options are usually due to the "brand status" or involvement of foreign representatives (the cost of such services abroad is usually several times higher)
The absence of a 100% guarantee in obtaining a patent or trademark registration, since the decision to register or not register your object lies with ROSPATENT and FIIP experts.
The patent agency can guarantee the execution of your order by specialists of a certain level, the correct documents filing for formal examination, timeliness, but not the registration itself.
Since intellectual property institute of law is developing dynamically, it may be wise to ask a specialist potentially responsible for your project, to present additional training certificates.
Note that the contract between the patent agency and your company clearly states responsibilities of the Service Provider as for running and bringing intellectual property registration application to the moment of patent or trademark certificate issuance.
Availability of a portfolio and the ability to file international applications, since it is possible that during the registration and running the project you may need to expand it to foreign countries and it would be only natural to do this with one agency.
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